Above, the full video of chef Roy Choi’s presentation at MAD3. In it, Choi addresses the poverty, crime, and hunger plaguing parts of Los Angeles.

Choi talks about the genesis of his now-famous Kogi BBQ truck, which was the chef’s effort to bring accessible, tasty food to areas with more liquor stores than grocery shops. “Why do I say all these things at a food conference?” asks Choi. “We’re not the richest people on the planet, but when a chef talks, people listen.” He calls on chefs to use their platforms to help out those their restaurants may not normally reach: ”Why don’t chefs start opening food carts? Why don’t chefs work with their investors so that when they open a restaurant, they do something for the hood?”

Watch above for the full story, and stay tuned for an interview with Choi to post on the MADFeed tomorrow.